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Laos White Tea and Ginger Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

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The Benefits of White Tea and Ginger This white tea and ginger fragrance takes your mind and body into uplifting comfort. White tea’s aroma and taste are carefully cultivated through perfectly timing a harvest and very gently selecting the buds. It is drank for its antioxidant qualities, but the perfect selection and delicate harvesting of its buds give it a very clean uplifting fragrance. The spicy fragrance of ginger adds warmth and together they call up comforting culinary memories.

Inspired by a Motorcycle Adventure to the Tea Plantations of Laos Laos White Tea and Ginger is inspired by a motorcycle adventure exploring Laos’ magnificent untouched misty waterfalls and lush tea plantations where the farmers served rare, delicate, fruity floral white tea with a hint of spicy ginger on its finish.

Not intended for therapeutic or medicinal use

Elevate your life experience with Aromatherapy: White tea and ginger is a delicate light floral with slightly sweet citrus fruity notes and warm comforting ginger spice undertones for a refreshing warm fragrance. The fragrance of white tea is refreshing, and uplifting while ginger adds warmth and comfort.

World Class Welcome for Guests and a Chic Gift: Use Oojra scents to curate a fabulous first impression and lasting experience for guests coming into your space. Makes a glamorous gift for weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, the holidays, or a great alternative to bringing wine to a dinner party. It keeps giving for 3-4 months.

Authentic Fresh Natural Scent: Enjoy a natural fresh scent that takes you back to a memory of a fresh flowers, luxurious spa, chic five star hotel or global getaway experience with our alcohol free, paraben free, phthalates free and CARB compliant formula.

Sleek Modern Design: Indulge your inner trendsetter with the modern decorative glass bottle that will fit into any style of room with elegance.

Adjust Intensity of Fragrance: Fill any size room with your desired intensity of scent, Expand the scent to fill a larger room, or reduce the amount of scent for smaller rooms. Our user reference guide shows you how to curate the desired intensity of scent without overwhelming your senses.

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