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Essential Oil Reed Diffusers Gift Set of 3: Jasmine Bamboo, Lavender, White Tea & Ginger (2 oz each)

Essential Oil Reed Diffusers Gift Set of 3: Jasmine Bamboo, Lavender, White Tea & Ginger (2 oz each)

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The Perfect Gift for Friends, Family, Co-workers or Yourself

Three essential oil reed diffusers, 2 oz each, including Thai Jasmine Bamboo, French Provence Lavender and Laos White Tea and Ginger. Try them all. Use different scents in different parts of your home or office for their particular aromatherapy benefits. 

French Provence Lavender

The Aromatherapy: Provence Lavender is a soft floral with minty herbal notes and a refreshing woody undertone to create a calm and balanced fragrance. Lavender is a calming, relaxing and comforting scent also known for being fresh and clean. Lavender takes you into calming relaxation. Lavender has been used since Roman times to add a beautiful calm and clean fragrance. Its minty scented leaves make the lavender refreshing while the slightly sweet flowers create a balancing floral base. This comforting fragrance is an excellent choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, or a space where a calm ambiance is desired.

Inspired by a Honeymoon Walk in the Lavender Fields of Provence France The honeymooning couple walked along the fields as the sun set over the orderly rows of lavender. The gentle breeze rustling the flowers and leaves released a soft floral and herbal fragrance.

Laos White Tea and Ginger

The Aromatherapy: White tea and ginger is a delicate light floral with slightly sweet citrus fruity notes and warm comforting ginger spice undertones for a refreshing warm fragrance. The fragrance of white tea is refreshing, and uplifting while ginger adds warmth and comfort. White tea’s aroma and taste are carefully cultivated through perfectly timing a harvest and very gently selecting the buds. It is drank for its antioxidant qualities, but the perfect selection and delicate harvesting of its buds give it a very clean uplifting fragrance. The spicy fragrance of ginger adds warmth and together they call up comforting culinary memories.

Inspired by a Motorcycle Adventure to the Tea Plantations of Laos Laos White Tea and Ginger is inspired by a motorcycle adventure exploring Laos’ magnificent untouched misty waterfalls and lush tea plantations where the farmers served rare, delicate, fruity floral white tea with a hint of spicy ginger on its finish.

Thai Jasmine and Bamboo

The Aromatherapy: Jasmine bamboo is a rich warm floral with sweetly exotic, fruity-tea undertones combined with fresh, woody smells of the rain forest. Jasmine scent is uplifting, romantic and happy, while the scent of bamboo is relaxing and calming. This jasmine bamboo scent is all about happy relaxation. Historically jasmine flowers were strung up in bedrooms to create romance. They have also been used to improve alertness and work accuracy. The crisp, clean refreshing scent of bamboo is relaxing and adds fresh green woody notes that inspire creativity and calm.

Inspired by a Thai Spa: The inspiration for the Thai Jasmine Bamboo scent came from a Thai spa in Hua Hin. Guests were surrounded by fresh bamboo and greeted with garlands of jasmine flowers.

Each bottle (2 oz) will last 1.5-2 months. Paraben Free, Phthalates Free. 

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